Your wedding day has to be special…so, organize it with Charme! It’s not so easy to make unique and exclusive a bride and her wedding.

The hairstyling has to be suitable to the face features; make up has to be refined and studied to be fully harmonious with face and hairstyling, make up and haistyling have to be matched each other with the precious chosen dress for the special day.

When this perfect balance between image and style has been reached, it’s necessary that a good photografer will be able to capture your day to make unforgettable a so lovely and perfect moment forever.

Charme group, that’s always careful to satisfy all the needs and requests of our Customers, can’t try to create a real sinergy between all the different members that cooperating and sharing their skills will be able to make flawless its service.


This is the Wedding con Charme project. At our Atelier located in Via Broggi 2 or Via Marsala you could find:

One of our hairstylist: Paolo Co… that could be study the perfect hairstlying for your face and style thanks to their hard experience.

A make up artist: Fulvia Bartoli who’s born in Florence and spent there her first 20 years before she decided to move to London and then Paris thanks to her artistic ambitions.

She attended the International Atelier du Maquillage in Paris becoming a make up artist. In 1990 she moved to Milan starting to cooperate on important international sets and working for very famous directors and designers as John Woo, Gabriele Salvadores, Armani and Gucci. Her slogan is: “I love to be a make up artist, my job is never predictable and every shoot is different, every person is different and I love to find the difference in everything!”. Fulvia will study your face and image to make you absolutely perfect.

A stylist: Susanna Ausoni, an original Milanese who started her career as music Look Maker thanks to Paola Maugeri who noticed firstly her particular look. She became the stylist of famous musicians as Carmen Consoli, Irene Grandi, Dolcenera, Nek.

She was responsible of the MTV hosts until December 2010 cooperating with a lot of italian and foreigner Maisons. Currently a lot of TV anchors as Victoria Cabello, Alessia Marcuzzi, Vanessa Incontrada, Virginia Raffaele entrust themselves to her. Susanna will be able to help you to choose the best dress and accessories for your day to be unique and exclusive.

A photographer: Valentina Melzi: although her Management degree that’s really far from the photography world, she became a valid leading of this kind of job. She is specialized in Fashion and Wedding Photography, she love all the black and white shoots and the research of small but particular details to make special every single image. Currently she is a Photo Contributor for a lot of different magazine as Adone Magazine UK, Oppa Magazine and Vogue Italia about the Web Photo Vogue. Thanks to her pictures, Valentina tries to tell a story. During your day she will capture the time and tell your wedding thanks to her special shoots-

Please, contact us through the Atelier telephone numbers and schedule an appointment for an expert advice , estimate included.

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