Milan – Broggi


Via Broggi, 20 – Milan
Tel. 02/20404787 (by appointment)

Opening hours:
Monday from 13:00 to 19:30
Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday from 9:30 to 19:30
Thursday from 9:30 to 22:00

Paolo Corasaniti
Davide Costanzo

Located inside a Liberty building of the first ‘900, the structure has maintained some hallmarks of that period unchanged, so as to inspire the furnishings to the tastes and styles characteristic of the Belle Epoque. The spaces have been designed and furnished by Paolo, Davide and Gianni, whose work, starting from the floor in Baroque style, created the precious furnishings that distinguish them. The full-length mirrors look like paintings due to their impressive gold and black frames. The chandeliers, precious shimmering glass pendants in tiny drops, recall the halls of the great ballrooms in the French palaces of the beginning of the century. But, at a closer look, we are taken back to our days by some contemporary work, a sculpture or a particular piece of design. The beauty salon downstairs is a real “Relax Area”, which allows the visitor to indulge in massages and specific beauty treatments, satisfying one’s need through the pleasure of feeling good. In the historic salon of Via Broggi 20 (MI), an entire area is used as a Salt Cave: a reproduction of the same climate that we can find at the seaside or in the salt mines, known to be beneficial to your health, and where, in its inside, you can watch a film, listen to music, or enjoy the silence of the relaxing effect of our colour therapy, which creates a sensational play of light reflected in the salt crystals.

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