Via Indipendenza, 56/58 – Meda
Tel. 0362/71913 (by appointment)

Opening hours: Monday closed
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Saturday from 9.30 to 19.30
Friday from 9.30 to 22.00


Gaetano Bellotta
Simone Bellotta

In line with the style and class that characterize the Ateliers in Milan and Lecce, Gaetano and Simone Bellotta, former Hair Stylists in the stores of Via Broggi and Via Marsala, give life to this new opening in Meda.

With the cooperation and expertise of Gianni Bellotta, art director of the salon of Via Marsala, they rely on the cleverness of local craftsmen to decorate and renovate, making the most of the existing space and choosing for their furnishing a Baroque style with minimal/chic tendencies.

The “Concept Store” of 750 sq. m. is home to several corners including an exhibition and sale of furniture from all over the world and a niche perfumery which sells the unique brand “Creed”, known since 1760 from Napoleon the third to Sissi, the Empress of Austria.

Inside the Atelier there’s an area expressly dedicated to aesthetics and to specific innovative services such as visage treatments, that meet the needs of all skin types, relaxing body-ceremonies, that use Shea Butter directly cast by a candle at a temperature of 30 degrees, and Stone Massages, that make use of lava stones combining the beneficial effects of thermotherapy to those of the massage, thus achieving a wonderful well-being.

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