The Brand Charme&Cheveux was born in 2005 when the founders, Paolo Corasaniti, Gianni Bellotta and Davide Costanzo, felt that the figure of the hairdresser should not be entrenched behind the image of a simple workshop artisan any more, but must take new modern aspects: a professionalism addressed to offering advanced and innovative services. With Charme&Cheveux, there comes a new way of doing hair-styling, and, already in 2006, thanks to corporate decisions recognised throughout the industry as highly innovating, the group was awarded the l’Oreàl Kerastase prize as the “Best Marketing Strategy of the Year”.

HARMONY OF SPACES AND STYLES The new professional conception of the group is expressed and can be seen in all the Atelier Charme&Cheveux that rise, from the architectural point of view, inspired by different historical or artistic styles and that, beyond being real beauty shops, are designed to give space to art in all its forms. Emerging designers exhibit their works; paintings, furnishings and sculptures which, exposed within this polyhedral setting, can be purchased by customers. In an environment where you can feel the art, the work of the Hair Stylist is valued as a pure artistic expression. Among the innovative services offered to customers, you can find the extraordinary opening of the Atelier every Monday afternoon and, once a week, the late closing at 22:00. On this occasion the Atelier transforms and, in full Milanese style, a real Happy Hour comes to life. Haircuts, colours and pleats follow the rhythm of music, and an aperitif is offered to all the guests. Each room, with its harmony of spaces and styles, becomes the ideal location to host events such as presentations, fashion shows and photo shoots.


The Artistic Direction of the group is entrusted to the founders that, together with their partners and collaborators, study the styles of the new fashion tendencies with meticulous research and passion. Analysing the Italian and foreign markets in all its aspects, and the historical period that inspires new fashion, the Charme Equipe creates haircuts, colouring and hairstyles that quickly become the trend of the moment. The Art Directors are able, thanks to their experience and versatility, to identify the characteristics of each customer, fulfilling

their expectations and improving their aspect. The exaltation of female beauty is the main theme of the world Charme&Cheveux.


In our Charme&Cheveux Ateliers you can pursuit beauty and take care of your image. In all our lounges there are real “Relax Areas” that allow our guests to indulge in massages and beauty treatments able to deal with various imperfections, making them feel better. In the historic salon of Via Broggi 20, Milan, an entire area is used as a Salt Cave: a reproduction of the same climate that we can find at the seaside or in the salt mines, known to be beneficial to your health, and where, in its inside, you can watch a film, listen to music, or enjoy the silence of the relaxing effect of our colour therapy, which creates a sensational play of light reflected in the salt crystals.


The respect and love for wellness and the care of the person and the hair led the C&C group to feel the need to create its own exclusive line of products. Studying the formula to improve the benefits, the fragrance and the packaging, they created the Charme&Cheveux line for hair, which includes: three types of Shampoo (Henna, Grapefruit and Argan Oil), two Conditioners (Shea Butter and Argan Oil), vials that balance the PH of the scalp, Modelling Wax, a Volumising spray and the moisturising and nourishing Argan Oil. All of these products give beauty and vitality to the hair, and moreover can be purchased in our Ateliers.


The passion for innovation, in respect of all that is refined and sober drives the group to find a new way to create effects of light and colour. Therefore, after months of research and application, Gianni, Paolo and Davide invented and patented the “Charme Effect” glove. By wearing it, and without grooming the hair, the stylist, relying on its manual and artistic sensibility, can create natural colour and light effects. This new colouring technique is at the disposal of fellow hair stylists, who can access the private area of the site and watch the tutorial video to learn how to use it.


Among the different initiatives of the group, worthy of note are the support by the Ateliers of various humanitarian initiatives. With the same commitment that the group puts into practice as hair stylists, every year is chosen a charity or a structure on which to rely to do good and to raise awareness among customers about important social issues.


Charme&Cheveux is keeping up with fashion and everything that grows and evolves, like technology and the way to communicate with customers. For this reason, the group decided to invest in order to inform people through the major information channels. It has thus been created the Charme Media World, through which the customers can find the main infos on the group and on the Ateliers just by visiting the main Social Networks. Charme&Cheveux wants to remain in constant contact with the World, with its customers and with its colleagues, providing updates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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